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Hello, my name is Marc Monés.

I'm a Spanish Illustrator and designer. 
I work for 25 years ago for advertise agencies, design studios, book publishers, games companies, etc... as a freelance illustrator.
I have many diferent styles, infantile, teen, cool, realistic, cartoon, etc... 


Vinizius Young & Rubicam, Morillas, McCann Erickson, Bassat Ogilvy & Matter, Tandem, Sidecar, Blancco, Columna, Coleman, Externa, Lulahop, IGS, Quim Duran Studio, Be Brand, Educa Borras, Diset, Trigrafic, Ediciones B, Cavall Fort, Wilkinson Sudios (Chicago), AAREPS (NY), Igloo Books, penguin Books, McMillan,  S.I. International, Gallina Blanca, Danone, Panrico, El Pavo, Hacendado, Nestle, Bimbo, Matutano, and much more...

If you are interested in my work, take a look to my portfolio, an image is worth more than thousand words...

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